R03 - Drive Bar

Product code: R03

Replacement Mechanism Drive bar ( For electric recliners only )

Available in a range of sizes, we stock different length bars for the size of the seat section you have.

we recommend removing the bar you want to replace to achieve a precise measurement (end to end) . if you have correctly identified the bar you need to replace to be this design, you need to select the correct size in the drop down choices from which we stock. note your bar could measure up to 5mm smaller or bigger (up to 2.5mm possible difference in size either end)then ours shown on the list aslong as its the nearest this shouldnt be an issue as the frame will suit the set sized bars.

we now only supply electric drive bars as manual recliner drive bars do not usually brake, the R03 drive bar comes complete with L support bracket bolted to square bar.

we do build complete Mechanisms to order as well see our mechanism page for more details

Product Code R03